Pie Trap specializes in stylized art, but we have experience in a variety of styles ranging to photoreal. 

We've had the pleasure of working with some of the industry's greatest players.

If you're interested in working with us, we'd love to hear more!


Work with our team in creating memorable characters for your game, movie and more. We specialize in both highpoly and lowpoly stylized characters.



Interested in 3D printing? Our artists are ready to draft out your product. We do not produce the physical print itself, but can provide the 3D art files to get you going!


We adapt to your pipeline and project style, delivering quality assets. We're experienced in many platforms, including PC, console, mobile and VR


VR + AR + XR

Our team has several years of experience in modeling assets that are high quality, while still optimized for VR performance. 



Need ideas? Maybe some splash art to help zero in on your project's mood and style? Our concept artists can help you with that!



If you're starting out and need consultation with your art pipeline, we're here to help! We have over 15 years of professional experience working in games as artists.




Previs + Pitching

Hire a small art development team that will jumpstart the first stages of developing your project. We can mock up your vision and pivot quickly to changing ideas. We can help flesh out workflow and pipeline standards, as well as help create documentation for methods that will be passed on to your full production team. Our goal is to help your concept and ideas become a reality. This package is geared towards clients who need flexibility and exploration from us.


2D/3D Short-Order

Looking for illustrations? You have the ideas, and we assign the best suited concept artist(s) for your vision. Great for exploration of your project’s style and mood. In need of 3D assets? The Short-Order is suitable for those who can’t afford the time or budget to dedicate an in-house artist to manage quality control or rework outsource content themselves. You provide the concepts and pipeline documentation; Pie Trap provides the artists and a dedicated art manager for client facing needs, scheduling tasks and quality control of all art deliverables. We make sure your in-house team spends as little time as possible worrying about 3D content; allowing your team to focus more on core development.


Strike Team

Pie Trap’s strike teams are a small stand-alone art department that is focused on completing your project’s art tasks. It is self managed with a project lead that will over see deliverables; ensuring quality and maintaining schedule. The team will be constructed based on your needs; anywhere from the concept stage to 3D assets being created from start to finish.



Bring on a temporary art lead for the department of your choice. We can bring our professional experience to help counsel in suggested pipelines, scopes and schedules, who to hire, how to budget, and keeping documentation. The initial introduction meeting is always free to get to know one another, as well as see if we are a fit for your needs.



" We were introduced to Pie Trap by a mutual friend, who's opinion we valued highly, this meant we went in with very big expectations. Pie Trap exceeded every single one of them. Chris and Pri are two of the best artists we have ever worked with, they are incredibly professional whilst also being warm, collaborative and a dream to work with. They parachuted in and helped us with a couple of high profile visual development projects and I now can't imagine pursuing a 3D project without having them attached. In an industry overrun with outsource houses, Pie Trap are an external partner that feel like they've been part of your team for years and that they've been doing this for centuries because they bring absolute perfection every time. Dlala Studios loves Pie Trap. "

AJ Grand-Scrutton

DLala Studios